Roles of a Psychiatrist for our mental health

Roles of a Psychiatrist to Reduce stresses.

A psychiatrist plays various roles to reduce stress. Some of them are:

1.A Psychiatrist treats mental illness

2.A Psychiatrist prescribes medications

3. A Psychiatrist helps in rehabilitation and recovery from mental illness by providing therapy, counseling or hypnotherapy, etc.

4.A Psychiatrist is regularly engaged in continuing medical education for staying abreast with the latest innovations in the field of psychiatry.

5.A psychiatrist tries to understand the problems and feelings of a person to relieve the problem.

6. A psychiatrist can be helpful in exploring treatment options and encouraging patients to talk about their problems, include family in treatment plans.

7. A Psychiatrist provides an adequate support system for the patient by advising them on how to deal with stress and other factors that might trigger or worsen an episode of depression, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.

8. A psychiatrist helps a person develop strategies so that he/she can reduce the level of stress in his/her life and hence avoid relapse.  Thus fulfilling the various roles of a Psychiatrist help us in reducing stresses from our lives.

9.When there is an urgent need of a Psychiatrist, he/she will provide the patient immediate attention. For e.g., when a person is having a Panic Attack due to stress, then the Psychiatrist will attend to him on time and guide him through relaxation techniques.

10.If the patient has taken any wrong medication or dosage prescribed by other doctors, instantly consults with them and prescribes the right dosage accordingly.

11.A Psychiatrist promotes mental health awareness by giving lectures in various colleges, schools, etc about early detection of mental illness like stress and depression, etc so that people are aware of it and can seek treatment at the earliest possible time thus reducing further damages caused by it.

12. A psychiatrist helps develop coping skills for his patients such as breathing exercises and meditation which help minimize stress.

13. A psychiatrist offers to counsel his patients with the help of other professionals (like a psychologist, social worker) if required.

14.A Psychiatrist provides different kinds of treatment plans like medication, individual and group therapy to minimize anxiety and depression which helps in reducing stress in patients.

15.In rare cases, he also uses techniques like hypnotherapy or art therapy for healing purposes to induce positive emotions among people facing mental illness if required. Thus a psychiatrist is an essential one in our society as he treats the root cause behind all sorts of mental illnesses instead of treating each sickness separately or prescribing medicines without knowing the actual problem behind it and thus helping people live a happy life!

Not limited to this, psychiatric professionals take necessary actions based on the situation of the patients and the issue the patient is facing severely.