Some common barriers to happiness

Some common barriers to happiness

Happiness is a thing that depends on some facts. There are some facts too that create many barriers to someone’s happiness. Some of them are:

1. Ignorance: There are some old people who don’t have enough information about the new things and many other topics, these facts create a barrier to their happiness; besides, ignorance makes someone not think carefully about what he/she does so that creates a barrier for the success of his endeavors.

2. Selfishness: Sometimes you see that an unselfish person is happier than a selfish person, for example, they give charity but the selfish ones just care about themselves; also one can say that if two persons cooperate then somehow both of them achieve their goals, so it means that helping others makes us happy and this fact is proved by the needy families that they are always unhappy because they need more help than anyone else.

3. Overthinking: Overthinking is when a person is thinking about something for a long period of time and this causes him/her not to have joy in his life because he/she is always focusing on the things that can go wrong.

4. Lack of Commitment: If someone doesn’t get involved in the thing that they want to do so then it makes them unhappy because when they don’t commit, their dreams are lost somewhere.

5. Worrying: People who usually worry all the time cannot be happy, for example sometimes we lose our stuff but we should just focus on finding them again and being happy till then without worrying about it too much.

6. Fear: Fear itself makes us feel unhappy because we are afraid of death and dying which stops us from being happy.

7. Focus: The last of them is lack of focus because if someone doesn’t focus on something then they can’t achieve anything in their life and also they will be unhappy at that point in time.

8. Jealousy: Jealousy is another barrier to someone’s mental peace. It always keeps someone’s mentally unstable and he or she can’t think about something else because of that. Jealousy makes people fight each other and it is not good for someone’s life.

9. Unhappy relationships: Relationships, in general, are very important for everyone to lead a happy life but if the relationship is not good or sometimes even if it’s good then sometimes we get scared for some reason which leads us to be unhappy and not enjoy every moment with our partner, family members, friends, etc. Everyone loves their family/friends but they should know how to manage them with love so they should enjoy their time together instead of being scared of something which will make them sad and unhappy all the time. So basically friendship/relationship is really important for happiness.

10. Financial crisis: Continous financial crisis is another impediment to happiness, people when in crisis they tend to get sad and worried which leads them not to enjoy their life to the fullest. It’s really true that money can’t buy you happiness but we all need it for basic necessities so if someone is facing a financial problem then he/she must have to find a way how to solve it by any means possible because no happy person will be able to earn money at this time of distress.

10. Being overworked: Being overworked is another major barrier as we’re unable to relax from our routine work after coming back home so we’re not able to spend quality time with family members or even with friends and this may lead us not to feel normal with these people whom we love most.

11. Taking drugs: Drugs are the silent killer of human beings as taking drugs is like adding salt to a wound so it will never heal in any case.

12. Taking alcohol: Alcohol and drugs both lead to the same problems of addiction so it’s better to give up one or the other because there are many ways to feel happy without doing harm to yourself by using them.

13. Not spending time with family: We all need time for eating, sleeping, and everything else but when I say about the family you may think that why I’m saying this? The answer is simply because we’re not able to spend quality time with those who matter a lot in our lives because of our work pressures which force us to stay outside for a longer period of time during weekends, vacations, etc.

14. Teasing or bullying by someone: Teasing and bullying have adverse effects on us because they’re the evil forces that lead to our unhappiness but if we decide not to let it affect us and stop those people by saying a word or giving them a harsh look then they will get embarrassed and their plan won’t succeed.

15. Lack of sleep: The lack of sleep means that you’ve not slept well in the night due to problems at work, school, etc. but this is one of the biggest barriers to happiness as when you get up in the morning you feel tired and lazy to do your work properly so you fail which makes you sad so try sleeping well on time.

16. Stress out: Stress out may occur many times during exams, interviews, projects, etc.

17. Irritation: Irritation is one of the greatest barriers to happiness such as if we can’t understand something then get irritated that it will make our mind occupied with only this thing thus forgetting everything else. So let’s try not to irritate and solve our problems properly.

18. Inconsistent lifestyle: Lifestyle changes may sometimes lead us in a bad way such as when we decide not to eat any junk food but after two days we start eating junk food again that means inconsistency so consistency is very important for leading an organized life so let’s try to be consistent.

19. Negative thinking: Negative thinking is one of the great barriers to happiness such as when we always think about something unwanted then it will affect our study efficiency and also make us feel disappointed .so don’t think negatively.

20. Depression: Depression is one of the greatest barriers that lead us in a bad way such as being sad and disturbing because we are sad and disturbing this is very harmful to mental health so let’s not suffer from depression by having positive thoughts.

In conclusion, it can be said happiness is an integral part of our lives. If someone passing a hard time bringing happiness in their life due to any reason, then it is always suggested to consult with a specialist. In this regard, our psychiatrists in Orlando-fl can help you all the way.