The Cost of Psychiatric Treatment in Orlando

The Cost of Psychiatric Treatment in Orlando, Florida.

As soon as someone goes to see a psychiatrist in Orlando he is immediately asked for his insurance information. The reason is that physicians usually ask their patients to share how they plan to pay because if their office procedures require submitting claims to insurance companies at all it often takes 4-6 weeks before anything gets paid back. That means that the patient’s account has over $100 down payment just to be seen by a psychiatrist in Orlando.

Determining the cost of psychiatric treatment in Orlando depends on how much experience a given psychologist has and whether or not he works at a clinic or privately. The type of insurance also affects this number greatly, however it is always more expensive to see a psychiatrist who does not file claims with insurance companies because there are several administrative fees that need to be paid for each patient before weekly visits can begin. In addition, these psychiatrists often require their patients to pay over $100 down payment just to get started.


The cost of psychiatric treatment in Orlando can vary based on the age of the patient. As a general rule, the cost of psychiatric treatment increases with age due to multiple factors. These are:

1) Increased likelihood of substance abuse,

2) More likely to have a chronic condition(s),

3) Increased likelihood of having a mental illness that requires hospitalization,

4) Higher premiums for life and disability insurance,

5) The aged people need to follow up for a long time,

6) Medications cost more, and may need to be administered by registered nurses,

7) Psychotropic medication’s side effects are more likely to occur in elderly people.

In general, the cost of psychiatric treatment is relatively low compared to other medical procedures. Due to a lack of statistical data, it is difficult to estimate the cost of psychiatric treatment for all ages and ethnic groups in different geographic areas (i.e., small towns, city suburbs, inner cities).

In Orlando, the price is only about $20 to $50 per patient as a consultation fee and it may increase depending upon the time or hour of consultation.

However, this does not mean that psychiatric treatment is cheap. When comparing the short-term costs versus long-term expenses for people with severe mental illness, psychiatric treatment can be more cost-effective in the long run.

Do they provide a free consultation in any case?

Psychiatrists in Orlando-Florida often provide free consultation depending upon the issues but the treatment can never be free.


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In conclusion, it can be said that the cost of psychiatric treatment in Orlando can be very expensive as well as cheap depending upon the types of treatment, age of the patient, nature of the issues, etc.

Therefore, it’s recommended to contact the clinic or the psychiatrists over the phone call, email, or message to know the exact cost and make an appointment according to that.