How to Get Mental Peace

Ways to Get Mental Peace

Various ways have been suggested by experts to achieve mental peace. Some of these are religious in nature, some are not. People have different views on which approach is most effective for achieving a state of mental peace. Our Orlando Psychiatrists have listed some common ways that can help a person to get mental peace in any case. These are:

Spiritual practices:

Spiritual practices like meditation or yoga may be regarded by many as the most effective and direct way to gain peace of mind. However, any spiritual practice will require a considerable time investment. The time required could be seen as an advantage because it facilitates deep concentration.

Keeping busy at some creative work:

Creative work provides an avenue for the expression of thoughts and feelings. The person may feel occupied or distracted while doing it, but this is not a negative feeling usually. It allows one to be at peace with oneself without having to bear the burden of heavy thinking. Just a few hours of painting or writing every week could give enough respite from the otherwise pressing thought process.

Physical work:

For people who are not afraid of physical labor, there is no better way of getting peace of mind than being involved in some productive activity. Doing outdoor physical work provides the respite from deep thinking; it gives an opportunity to be aware only of the body, and its movements. Beds in the hospitals are made with therapeutic benefits on this principle.

Massage therapy:

An alternative to yoga and meditation is massage therapy. This has proven therapeutic benefits in releasing muscle tension from the body and mind, which can bring about a state of mental calmness. For best results, take up professional training or at least have treatment by professionals.

Playing outdoor games:

Playing outdoor games such as cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and throw ball provide a break from the daily routine activities. A little physical exertion helps in forgetting about the worries of life.

Playing indoor games:

Indoor games such as chess, carom board (carrom), table tennis, etc., are also helpful in reducing stress and increasing mental peace. These activities involve concentration and help improve one’s memory power.

Cultivating hobbies:

Every individual has his own hobby or comfort zone like reading books on philosophy, collecting pictures of nature; listening to classical music; gardening; painting… having interests outside your work helps you forget about the materialistic needs and enjoy life more fully without constant worry for things beyond your control.

Going to Travel with friends:

Traveling with friends can be another option to gain mental peace. Traveling helps to expand your horizons and takes you out of the box in which you are located.

Gathering with friends:

You must have lots of friends; but do you know if they also help in reducing stress. Group interaction leads to an increase in trust among people prompts better understanding and reduces social isolation, chronic stress is related to a lack of social support. So get busy making new friends and spending quality time with them at least once or twice every month.

Exercising: Exercise not only reduce your stress level through the release of endorphins, but it can also protect brain health by building healthy blood vessels and fighting off damaging free radicals. Exercising also releases dopamine which makes us feel good and improves self-control.

Study to learn: It is one of the best ways to reduce stress. A study found that university students who learned better for exams reported fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety than those who didn’t learn as well, so start learning new things now because deep learning is like a meditation state of mind which increases your ability to focus, clears all negative thoughts from your mind and can even trigger the body’s relaxation response.

Praying regularly:

Prayer is the best way to connect with your higher power and inner peace. It is a proven method for dealing effectively with both stress and depression-related illnesses.

Spend time outdoors, near nature: Nature has healing powers that work best on our minds. A study found that people suffering from seasonal affective disorder got better when they spent five hours a week walking in green spaces, so schedule some time for playing or walking outside every day to improve your mood.

Eating a balanced diet:

Choose foods like whole grains, fruits, veggies, lean protein, etc instead of processed food that are high in added sugar or saturated fat.

Believe that you are strong and can get well: It is important to have self-confidence as it keeps your mind positive. For example, if your loved one died, believe that time will heal all wounds.

Develop a morning routine:  Some exercises like meditation, yoga, or breathing may give us mental peace and reduce the stress level of our body. Meditation in particular has been shown to be highly effective in reducing depression, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Sleep very early and wake up very early:

There is a wise that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. So, try to sleep early and wake up early.

Believe that all bad things will be better in time: We all know this saying but it’s truly the best way to get mental peace. Believe that you are strong and can get well.

Keep some courage:

It is very important to keep your mind positive during illness because when you have mental peace your body is calmed down.  For example, during my cancer treatment, I always tried not to think about negative things such as death or getting worse. If something serious happened, I believed that everything will be handled by God and he will decide what happens to me.

In conclusion, it can be said that mental peace depends on what you do or think. When you feel bad mentally, try to follow the above-mentioned activities.